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They say I'm fourteen and I have got swag. Klang, Selangor is my place. And yes, this is ze third blog I guess. This is where I write abt my hilarious days and it's gonna bored but I don't give a damn. But please dnt ever judge me by reading this only k, xx

November 26, 2010

I have got my own Bruno Mars

Hi bloggers, i'm back

So yeah, I have decided to start blogging again since its holiday and I think this could fill up my boredom. I would be writing abt my days so if's bored, there's a red X up there, waiting fer you to click em :) And also, sorry this blog is kindda dull cause I have gt no idea of how shld I edit it and etc. Enjoy ze upcoming posts, and have a great weekend ppl! :)

Kisses and hugs,
Fatin :-*