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They say I'm fourteen and I have got swag. Klang, Selangor is my place. And yes, this is ze third blog I guess. This is where I write abt my hilarious days and it's gonna bored but I don't give a damn. But please dnt ever judge me by reading this only k, xx

February 27, 2011

Dashboard penuh dengan post about Kem Kepimpinan. Saya pun nak jugak :p

Okay so I had less than 5 hours of sleep before that, than arnd 6.09 AZ woke me up by sending a wake up call. 6.30 sharp I was in school but yang lain? Hampeh :p Hahaha okay no offense. The breakfast was so untasty k, except for the curry puff :3 The motivation by Cikgu Aziz was quite okay. Well honestly I was not really listening cause my mind was set to smthng else actually. The camp ends around 12.30, and we got chicken rice for lunch :B super tasty and it was not enough for me :p haha k thts itt, boiye! xx