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They say I'm fourteen and I have got swag. Klang, Selangor is my place. And yes, this is ze third blog I guess. This is where I write abt my hilarious days and it's gonna bored but I don't give a damn. But please dnt ever judge me by reading this only k, xx

June 19, 2011

Hey hi whaddup people! Okay no, assalamualaikum! That's better hahaha. The photo up there explains everything, everything is ok, life is getting better. Well no actually but let's just pretend I'm happy enough and I can handle with the shizz around me. But but my mid term results are bad as hell :( I don't know how can I be that stupid. What else to talk eh? Oh yessss I'm on diet! No seriously, a real diet. I have been eating rice once or twice a week and that's it. I'm awesome, I know. Cuma I haven't timbang yet, takut pula haha. My 2 weeks break was quite awesome eventho I had to babysit my lil boys. And guesss who I met? My babygirl Ateeqah in Singapore and my love! tenene you-know-who-he-is. Lol not gonna expose him yet now. eee i dislike using 'LOL', tak ikhlasnya. okay whatever. So on the first weekend of holidays I was in Singapore just to meet Ateeqah! Went shopping with her in Vivo Mall. She's so cute and tiny liddat. And i swear I love her to the max! pictures? no uh, lupa :( Then then then, the second week I met my favourite boy <3 :D I get to spend for like 2 hours with him only but it was seriously worth it. He is the sweetest guy on Earth. He is so charming in his own way and he's mine so back off bitches! Eh wait, siapa orangnya pun you guys don't know. Ala biar la.

Okay that's it, will blog again later! Have fun xx