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They say I'm fourteen and I have got swag. Klang, Selangor is my place. And yes, this is ze third blog I guess. This is where I write abt my hilarious days and it's gonna bored but I don't give a damn. But please dnt ever judge me by reading this only k, xx

November 13, 2011

Was reading through my old posts and I admit I was stupid. Wasted half of my life crying for someone who doesn't even worth my tears. Hey anw, hi bloggers! :-) Its been awhile since I update ey? I just don't have passion in blogging anymore. People will judge me through this. Well judgemental and ugly society, that's what we teenagers have to go through nowdays. Want it or not, you have to go through these. It breaks my heart seeing people bashing and judging other kids here and there. Tak percaya? Go try tweeting a tweet yang agak hina bagi orang luar, you'll get bash. Or else pick a fight w those twitfamous or whtever shit they call it. Terus jadi drama on Twitter and you'll be the topic trending. No honey, Facebook/Tumblr/Blogspot and even Twitter is not a safe place anymore. Own private diary is the best ;-) Mum was right at the first place.

So what to blog? I don't know. This is all Fadhleen's fault for forcing me to blog. Go follow her or read her blog --> http://isawamonkey.blogspot.com

And yeah, I'm done with my Form 2 learning experience. To be frankly speaking, I dropped. I mean, my studies. Been dissapointing my parents with C's and D's and I even failed Maths, once. The abit-clever-Fatin dissapeared. I have done my finals, waiting for le results. Don't really mind abt getting how many A's and such, but I'm worried if I dropped to the lower class, no, just NO. That unacceptable. Well past is past, I can only tawakal and learn my mistakes. I have even started tuition for Form 3, let's buckle up babeyh! :-) Weh jap, form 3, PMR year... o.O

Holidays resolution :

- redecorate my room. I just hate how empty it looks.
- mantapkan ilmu agama ;-)
- buckle up with my form 1 and form 2 syllabus! A MUST.
- Collect money to redo my hair/ a lomo.
- Shopping! $$$$

Last but not least, I wanna learn how to play music instruments. A guitar or a piano will be good enough.

Well this is it. As I said, no more updating private things on my blog or any social network. Judgemental society ey. Assalamualaikum bloggers! Mwa :*

Goodluck 94's! Don't waste your 11 years of learning experience. Try your very best! :-) x